The Core is Just the Start.

The centerpiece of Core Power Plus is a sequence of twenty innovative and dynamic exercises for the Core, but this is only the start. Our exercises cover balance, posture, alignment, flexibility, and strengthing for the whole body. One of the more popular aspects of our program is the weight training. We know how to make weight training fun. We practice weight lifting exercises on both our mats and standing.

Our exercises are based on movement. Even the names of these exercises say, "Let's Move". There are the "Swing Outs", the "Locomotives", the "Catapults" , and more. We believe that by moving your body you can help circulate blood to your joints, connective tissue, and other hard to reach places. Movement is also central to activating the brain and nervous system.

✔ Core Work
✔ Upper body strength
✔ Back Extensors
✔ Balance Exercises
✔ Improved Posture
✔ Variety

Our exercises aren't flashy like some other programs. We aren't going to be hanging from the ceiling, or swinging around poles. We avoid the twisting and inverted positions in Yoga. Unlike Pilates, which emphasizes spine flexion, we have a wide selection of exercises for spine extension, which is a more up to date approach.

Clients from a wide range of ages have had success with these exercises. Many of our clients have histories of occasional or frequent back pain, but our exercises help them keep fit while not aggravating their lower backs. This workout is proof that you can get fit without beating up your body.

Check out our workout videos.

If you are a former customer of our studio who has left town, then we invite you to follow our workout videos at home. We don't have all our exercises on video yet, but you will find most of our Core, Back, Glutes and floor weights here. If you are a fitness instructor looking for new material for your classes, we invite you to try these exercises.


No stock photos have been used on this website. All photos feature customers of Core Power Plus.